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FIRST READING: Maybe Canada could stop charging the hemisphere's highest fuel taxes?

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Chad IRL British Chad cleans up BLM vandalism on Churchill statue

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Luka already has more 40point career playoff games than Curry



He now has one more 40+point playoff game than Curry. He's already in top 15 in this department and it's basically only his 3rd playoff season and 5th playoff series.

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Cake should not be the standard at parties because cake is gross


My husband told me early on in our relationship he didn’t like cake. I thought this was weird at first, but then I realized that I just accepted that cake was good because it was only offered at happy events. With exceedingly rare exception it’s just doesn’t taste good and I don’t like it either.

Doesn’t matter if it’s in cupcake form or cake-pop form, it’s all just disgusting.

The only form of cake I eat now is ice cream cake from Dairy Queen - because it had no cake in it.

EDIT: I created my account 4 days ago because I was just, "why not?" and this seems like a good addition to r/unpopularopinions because there are a lot of you who don't get it. When I was popping through this subreddit before I posted I had a very difficult time understanding the person who liked to sleep in jeans, like really could not imagine someone would like that, which is why I upvoted that post.

I have eaten quite a few cakes in my time, home-made, grocery-bought, bakery-bought, special-cupcake-store-bought, fancy wedding cake, cake made by a pastry chef in a home kitchen, and I have not liked any of them. It's true that there might be that one actual cake out there that I like, but it has eluded me thus far.

To be clear, my husband didn't make me dislike cake, he allowed me to realize that I disliked it. I have always disliked it, but I have always felt the obligation to eat it because it was a "happy food," everyone talks about how good cake is, how celebratory it is, how they look forward to it, and I never knew anyone who disliked cake (silly, but valid, reason that representation matters). No one ever asked me if I wanted cake at a party, it was always assumed that of course I wanted cake. I didn't have any deep thoughts about it beforehand, I just felt like at a party I had to eat it because that's what one does/did. Now I know I don't like it and pass it on/pass on it, even if I do get a weird look when I do.

I think it would be cool if someone else, beside myself, would serve something else at parties. Give me brownies! Give me pie! Give me donuts!

Summary: Cake is gross. Edit Summary: Yes, I really think cake is gross.

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DISCUSSION Direct Evidence of Social Manipulation: Anti-crypto groups are infiltrating this subreddit in an attempt to make crypto unstable


FUD: “fear, uncertainty and doubt, usually evoked intentionally in order to put a competitor at a disadvantage.” FUD plays on our naivety and fears, and is a form of social manipulation, plain and simple.

We know there’s a coordinated effort by anti-crypto groups attempting to destroy cryptocurrency. They’re attempting to do so by posting negative content in hopes of sowing fear and distrust. Many of these groups, such as r/buttcoin (see Forbes article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/abrambrown/2021/06/26/reddit-cryptocurrency-bitcoin-social-media/?sh=12b81d16621f, operate right here in the open on Reddit.

Members of these groups attack crypto by going for the jugular, for example by attacking the integrity of USDT. Their arguments against USDT are ridiculous, circular and speculative, but to the uninformed may sound like valid concerns.

They believe attacking USDT with FUD will cause the collapse of the entire crypto market. Their FUD however is not limited to USDT. You can often spot these bad actors by checking their post and comment history to get a general idea of their sentiment towards cryptocurrency. Always check someone’s post and comment history. If you see they’re using a new account with little karma and have a negative sentiment towards crypto, this is a red flag they may have bad intentions.

I believe we should aggressively call these people out and downvote their posts and comments. Often, they will hide behind phrases such as “this isn’t FUD, the community needs to discuss these things,” or “I’m asking a valid question/I have a valid concern, that’s not FUD”. Sure, there are some who really do have valid questions or concerns, but many are working in coordinated groups to try and destroy cryptocurrency, and we must be vigilant.

We must come together as a group to denounce those that are here with bad intentions.

If you’re in support of cryptocurrency as a whole let’s try and view every negative post and comment with a skeptics eye. Do not be afraid to review someone’s past post and comment history, and be vocal about questioning someone’s intentions if need be. We must not allow ourselves to be intimidated by those who act aggressively towards undermining crypto’s integrity.

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Meme I love her design. I know that her human face was inspired by monsters using human looks to kill. But if every female character is made to be appealing even the monster one, then I feel a little disappointed. Especially that it was promised to be THE monster champion.

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Humor someone doesn't like the game anymore, apparently

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Image My tierlist of hoi templates.

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I'm all syrupy...

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European Country Tier List

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Meme I love League of Genshin

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Politique Gauche, le virage extrémiste : enquête sur les dérives de Jean-Luc Mélenchon

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At least for me, nothing about monsters of the multiverse directly count as 5e

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Serious The only sexual orientation being forced on to us is heterosexuality


And that's a fact

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Ad Stephen Fry talking about what would happen if we taught critical thinking

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Meme May or may not be ironic... we will never know.

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Sekmez xd

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Review Halo TV show is an abomination of an adaptation of a remarkable franchise, but don't say it or you'll get blocked.


Even the mods are buying into this trash, and won't let you say otherwise.

The show has MC, Cortana, Halsey, all the characters from Halo, and NONE of their actual characteristics that have been developed over 20 years. Forget about the fact the story is different, OF COURSE IT IS. Just like every game has a new story, so would the show, but to tear down the fundamental nature of the actual characters is a complete dismantlement of the show.

In ACTUAL Halo, Master Chief is NEVER indecisive. He always takes action, never doubting for an instant, in the show, he's a fucking snowflake.

In ACTUAL Halo, Master Chief is a fucking bad ass, in the show, well, you get it.

In ACTUAL Halo, his armor is part of who he is, in the show he spends more time out of it than in, especially with regard to his helmet.

In the game his face is NEVER shown, only a glimpse of the back of his head, which took FOUR FULL CAMPAIGNS to see, the show it was the first fucking episode!!

In the game MC and Cortana have a deep bond, forged through the strife of battle and loss, and he didn't try to "get a room" with Cortana. In the show he literally fucks a TRAITOR who is fucking human COVENANT, someone whom he would have KILLED in the game, not fucked.

Then you have the aesthetic quality of the show, which looks like it was filmed in fucking state parks. Cortana looks like a bad example of cosplay. Somehow bullets are stronger if MC pulls the trigger, of the SAME FUCKING GUN that the marines just dropped.

As a show, aside from the deficiencies of not living up (nor even close) to the name of Halo, it's not even good as a stand along sci-fi show. And without ripped off the Halo name and some of the aesthetic, the show would have fallen flat right out the gate.

Of course, we all know it's been renewed for a second season, something they did before it even aired. That would be due to MS and 343 being happy to take the cash and run all the while neglecting their flagship IP.

All that said, I'm sure this post will be removed by the mods who are apparently desperate to defend this POS.

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Alice’s medical advice How much y’all wanna bet that fern gets monkeypox


r/Unexpected 8h ago

How did the milk get there…

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My daughter is so stinking cute ☺️ (OC)

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I fucking hate how misandry is so normalized nowadays


Throwaway for obvious reasons but I hate the "ugh I hate [white] [cis] men" that a lot of younger women nowadays seem to have. I fucking hate how they catch little to no flak for it but if the roles were reversed the person could easily be harassed for days online or at worst even lose their job and become unemployable. I'm not even an incel and I've been in a relationship for years and that shit still pisses me off. It's also fucking annoying how every time you bring up the fact that you shouldn't generaize they always try to justify it with "it could be a trauma response" like ok???? your trauma does not excuse or justify you generalizing an entire group of people. and then the whole "misandry doesn't exist" shit and then you ask them how or why and the response is "cause men aren't oppressed" then what about child custody?? what about maternal leave, what about exemption from the military in countries where military conscription is mandatory but it's always only for men??? then they switch goal posts "well men aren't AS oppressed" then you realize it's literally just oppression olympics for these people. awful people who wish to spread hate but aren't ballsy enough to own up to it, so they make excuses to excuse their hate. I haaaatteeee how normalized misandry has become

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Biden approval rating hits new low in AP poll

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Transportation The Apple Car Could Feature VR Technology And No Windows

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