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How do you feel when another male insults your girlfriend’s appearance? E.g. tells your gf she’s fat etc. Do men feel ashamed of their girlfriends if other men insult their girlfriends?


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What did you learn from your first serious relationship Gents?


What did you learn from your first serious relationship Gents?

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Men, what screams "I don't know how girls work?"


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Hypothetically if you had a girlfriend who stopped shaving her armpits, what would be your honest response?


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What is the most trivial thing about which you have a strong opinion?


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hello men of reddit! I'd like to know what made you smile today!


I've been reading so much bullshit and aggression and people hating other people, and honestly I'm guessing you have been too. So, I'd like to ask: what made you smile today?

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What’s the worst thing you crave?


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What do you guys think of the term "High Value Man" that's been going around the internet


Personally I think it's a load of bollocks. If you have achieved all the goals you wanted in life. Money, cars, status, looks. I'm happy for you. It's not understatement when men achieve what they do through hard work, it's NOT bad to flaunt it.

What really gets me though that it's becoming an expectation. I suppose. I don't date. Not yet anyway. But I think having a term like this. Is just another way to say "Well a real Man would..."

Again I'm not bashing on fellow my Mens achievements. Just bashing on it becoming an expectation.

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My wife wants to go on another vacation with my family, How can I be firm that we dont have the $$ without starting ANOTHER fight about money?


MY wife and I got back from a cruise a few weeks ago. It was something we saved for a long time but couldn't do due to a plethora a things for years (bought a house, covid, etc). I have no regrets about spending that money because it was a VERY delayed honeymoon.

However when we returned home we had some very unexpected issues with her car and our dog (shes fine!). Kinda put a quick drain on our finances. We are still in the green but im a lot lower than usual, and we are trying to have a baby, plus taking our other dog to a vet in a few days ( min $200 due to shots she needs).

This week my mom proposes to use that we go down to the jersey shore with her, my sisters, aunt and cousin. I use to love going to the shore with them, but after doing the math its going to be at least $800 spent. I just spend about 2k in the past month and REALLY dont want to go, but my wife really wants to and my mom wants us to go as well.

Plus it will LITERALLY drain all of my PTO and i would like to be able to take a sick day if needed....

My wife and I fight a lot over money, she says im cheap (when i pay about 85% of all our expenses, she works but I make considerably more) and she doesnt understand a lot of about money ( came from a family of hoarders and still has that mindset).

How can I be frank, but nice, that we shouldn't go?

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If you were to do something for free for the rest of your life, what would you want to do?


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How do you spot a toxic person?


Be it in dating, potential partner or a friend. What screams toxicity while it may not be a common knowledge?

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Any tips for dating when you're broke in college?


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What are some of your favorite memories of being a brother to either an older sister or younger sister?


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How often are you thinking about nothing?


We all joke about men being able to “think about nothing” but how often are you in that state? I feel like I’m there most of the time. I don’t think unless I have to.

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Gentlemen, what incredibly common thing have you never done?


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If you pray, what is your prayer like?


I'm just interested in how other people of faith pray.

What do you pray for?

Is there anyone you pray for?

Are there common or staple themes?

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how would it change your view on dating a woman if you found out she had some minor mental disorders?


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What makes men, less of a man?


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Is it a bad trait if your main motive is to prove people wrong over doing things for yourself when it comes to accomplishing goals in life.


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When you picture your “perfect retirement” in your mind, what does it consist of?


Could be realistic or unrealistic. Mine would probably be owning a home near the beach where I would host family holiday events and surf with my kids, however old they are. Also a beautiful, loving wife who cooks like my grandmother. Or maybe we could all take the catamaran out for a few hours and enjoy the water.

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What is your neighbor doing that is suspicious?


Out of the ordinary, odd, unusual…