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Megathread Focused Feedback: Seasonal Mods


Hello Guardians,

Focused Feedback is where we take the week to focus on a 'Hot Topic' discussed extensively around the Tower.

We do this in order to consolidate Feedback, to get out all your ideas and issues surrounding the topic in one place for discussion and a source of feedback to the Vanguard.

This Thread will be active until next week when a new topic is chosen for discussion

Whilst Focused Feedback is active, ALL posts regarding 'Seasonal Mods' following its posting will be removed and re-directed to this thread. Exceptions to this rule are as follows: New information / developments, Guides and general questions

Any and all Feedback on the topic is welcome.

Regular Sub rules apply so please try to keep the conversation on the topic of the thread and keep it civil between contrasting ideas

A Wiki page - Focused Feedback - has also been created for the Sub as an archive for these topics going forward so they can be looked at by whoever may be interested or just a way to look through previous hot topics of the sub as time goes on.

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Megathread Weekly Loot Hub


Welcome to Loot Hub!

This is your weekly post for sharing about loot you've received, RNG woes, etc.

Comment about Loot and RNG here instead of breaking Rule 2 by making your own post!

You can find the full Daily Thread schedule here.

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Lore Why Doesn't the Vanguard wear Exotic Gear?


Cause like think about it right? Shiro-4 has on Lucky Raspberry, Shaw Han has Young Ahamkaras Spine, and other NPCs like Cayde and Devrim Kay own exotic weapons, but why don't Zavala or Ikora? You'd think that like, being figurehead leaders of their respective classes they'd own an exotic piece of armor or even a weapon yknow? Like it seems only the Vanguard operatives, (Saint, Shaw, Shiro, and maybe others, I'm not sure) are the only ones with armor we're familiar with. So what's up with that?

P.S. If I'm wrong please feel free to correct me!!

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Discussion Heart of Inmost Light = Heart of Inmost Pain Watching Your Shader Have No Effect on Those Random Blue Paintball Stains.


Heart of Inmost Light came out in Season 4. We are in Season 18. That means that 13 seasons have passed and Heart still doesn’t have a usable ornament.

The kicker, the Helm of Inmost Light actually had light coming out of it. Not blue stains. It actually had light. Destiny 1. Helm of Inmost Light was a year 1 Destiny 1 Exotic. We are 8, yes 8 years passed Destiny 1 Year 1. So how does the “follow exotic” Heart of Inmost Light…not even have light coming out of it. Bungie, I want to use the exotic, but it doesn’t work with any shader because of the blue stains. The other ornament pigeon holes you into making a vex style character…and the rest of the Vex style armor doesn’t go with it. So what the heck 😂

Side Note: Give Ashen Wake an ornament too while you’re at it please. I’m sure the Warlocks and Hunters have exotics too that NEED ornaments as well.

That is all. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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Bungie Suggestion Resetting a vendor should give an Ascendant Shard every time


Reposting from earlier because I said the name of a specific playlist (didn't even talk about it) and automod flagged my post. I'm not salty, you're salty.

I'm not likely to care about the 7th Foetracer, or the first Sealed Ahamkara Grasps. What I would be totally thrilled about, however, is being able to masterwork multiple pieces of armor and even potentially an exotic or two, as the game leans more into stats and buildcrafting. A player who enjoys PvP or Gambit being forced into master level PvE activities and above (or incredibly hostile PvP) if they want to masterwork a piece of gear is tremendously unfun.

I can't imagine this would even break anything, as vendors take huge amounts of time to rank up compared to the ~20 minutes that a GM Nightfall takes.

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Discussion One thing I like about this season is, as a titan, I don’t have to be a pansy-ass milksop to do well in endgame PvE.


Loreley splendor with max resilience does wonder to a guy who’s play style is just being an ork from Warhammer, mindless charging to the biggest pile of gitz and get krumpin

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Discussion // Bungie Replied Write a comment as if the year is 2032 and Destiny is still going strong


I'm personally loving the new Pocket Infinity rework now that it's a primary sword, the hyper lunge it gets when charged is super strong in the Hardmode Trials Challenge

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Bungie Suggestion Combat acceleration is an stupid modifier and should be removed


On pve endgame Negates the whole point of build crafting, why make a build that relies on your abilities when un can barely use them.

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Media these 2 random bros and i spent 40 minutes getting this chair to stand upright



it was pretty neat

if you guys see this dm me :(

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SGA 6 hour reminder to pick up Demo/Wellsp Ogma from Banshee!


It's that good so go get it if you haven't yet!

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Misc Grinding Dares really makes you appreciate crafting and focusing


I never got the roll I wanted in the BXR when 30th anniversary launched and after grinding Dares for the Forerunner cat I haven’t touched that activity. But now the BXR got the pulse buff I’m on the hunt again. Wow the drop rate for it and the other half is awful. I know people complain a lot about crafting and I agree it has some issues but I’d have that perfect BXR by now lol

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Bungie Suggestion I don’t like the state of Golden Gun - Deadshot


Before, it worked simply — you have six shots, with each kill refunding a bullet.

Now, you get a bullet refunded for every Solar ignition. Since Deadshot does not ignite on its own, you need an fragment to enable a core part of the weapon.

I knew this was a bit clunky when I used it, because now I can’t chew through hordes anymore. The ignition is delayed, so I would often completely run out of bullets before the first ignition would have happened. So now I need to time my shots and wait a split second before shooting again, and I also can’t shoot wherever because the ignitions will likely kill everything else around it.

I am reminded of the beginning mission of the Red War, when you meet Cayde for the first time, and he activates his own Golden Gun, and while fanning the hammer he shoots three Cabal almost instantly. I want to see myself do that, where I slay a dozen enemies within the time limit simply on aim alone.

Now, I have to time my shots, which wastes the precious time that I have to use it. I could use it a lot more — kill more and do more damage — if I didn’t have to wait. You could say the explosions kill and deal damage, but the explosions not only do less damage than a Dead(shot), but the whole point of Deadshot is to feel like a gunslinger! You can’t feel like an awesome gunslinger when your shots explode, even if the explosions kill. You‘re a cowboy! You’re a deadeye! You needed to aim! You needed to be quick on the draw and quick on the trigger! Now you need to shoot slower so you can get more bullets (bullets you might not even get to use because the time you wasted!) and try to aim in the center of a group. Boring!

I much prefer the old method, one that I could fire as fast as I wanted and keep going and going until the timer ran out, not burdened by an extra aspect whose literal only purpose is to make Deadshot work properly — and make the other two a bit better. Unfortunately it seems Deadshot is a lesser Super because of the requirement of a single fragment.

Deadshot shouldn’t require a fragment to work. It should be like the other two supers; fragments should improve and build off of the Super, not be required to allow a core feature of the Super to function — a feature literally mentioned in the tooltip!

I would like for the “Refunds a bullet on kill” functionality to be restored.

The Fragment of Combustion can remain as it is — kills with the super ignite enemies, and +10 Strength.

I’m simply asking for the Deadshot itself to refund a bullet on kill, not refund on ignite.

Edit: confused Aspects and Fragments. Changed verbiage, and added two paragraphs

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SGA 10 helpful tips for those who will dive into Grandmasters this season for the 1st time


Tomorrow starts Grandmaster season, and within a few hours, you'll see quite a few gilded conquerors roaming around. But for those of you who will attempt GMs for the 1st time, here are some universal tips for all the strikes.

Keep in mind, there will be TONS of videos on individual strikes. You'll see a boatload of vids on Proving Grounds tomorrow, and probably all 5 other strikes. Keep in mind, something you see in a video tomorrow, could change 4 weeks from now if Bungie updates/patches/fixes/breaks anything in that time. So these tips are meant to weather any upcoming changes, barring any drastic moves by Bungie.

#1 - 100 Resilience is the stat you're shooting for. This is not going to make you invincible. Everything is still going to hurt and enemies will still 1 shot you. But 100 resilience is going to be noticeable against enemies who need 2-3 shots to kill you, and will now need 3-4-5 shots. Again, you will not be bulletproof... but the 40% damage protection will save you a few stupid deaths. And other defensive mods will stack on top of that.

#2 - Playing safe is key to beating GMs. Unless you've already beaten all of them, the main thing is staying alive and not using up too many revive tokens. Now, that doesn't mean play like a chickenshit the whole time... you will need to be actively killing things and moving the strike along. But you need to always have cover available in case you need to retreat.

#3 - Arbalest & Divinity are key exotics. There will be 5 strikes with Anti Barrier, and 2 with Overload champions. Arbalest is always the safest gun for barriers.... yes, there barrier mods for guns, but Arbalest is a 1 shot barrier breaker from a distance AND is still a decent DPS option after the nerf. Divinity is the most reliable overload weapon in the game. Again, there are other overload options, but Divinity stuns them reliably AND provides a debuff to other enemies. It's a great option if you have it or someone on your team has it.

#4 - Avoid Molten Overload Grenades!!!! Seriously, just don't use them as they're unreliable at best, broken at worst. There's no consistency if/when an overload champion is stunned by them. Sometimes it works immediately, most of the time it needs some burn damage, and other times they walk through the grenade without giving a damn. Overloads are the biggest pain in the ass to deal with, and this coincides with the Divinity above previously. Avoid these grenades as your overload option, Divinity those suckers.

#5 - Match your heavy weapon to the burn damage. Heavy will be your main DPS option for champs, bosses and mini bosses. Take advantage of the burn and match that up. Solar - Gally/Cataclysmic. Arc - Stormchaser. Void - Deathbringer/Threaded Needle. Use your energy weapon to break shields, but match your heavy to the different burns per strike.

#6 - Be flexible with your setup. Some classes have a loadout that is universal for all strikes. Bubble Titan, Well-lock, Invis Hunter. Nothing wrong with these, but there may be different/better options, like Thundercrash on arc burn. Or Blade Barrage on solar burn. Or stasis warlock throwing a ton of turrets. Don't feel completely locked into a subclass for every strike, as there may be an alternative option for each character.

#7 - Be prepared for up close battles. Most GMs are played at a distance... which always makes sense given the damage enemies can do. And we have good distance champion mods with Scout and Pulse rifles. But EVERY strike has times when you have to fight up close. Each GM has a section that forces you into CQC at some points. Be prepared for that, whether it's grenades, something for up close OR you have a way to escape. Other than maybe Arms Dealer, you can't scout rifle your way through the entire fight without getting up close and personal with some enemies.

#8 - Only 2 bosses have guaranteed immunity phases. The other 4 can be melted. Proving Grounds & Insight Terminus are guaranteed to go immune. While the other 4 do have immunity phases built into the fight, they can be melted under the right circumstances before reaching those phases. Arms Dealer & Warden are the easiest. Inverted Spire might need 2 floors at most, but still a simple burn. Sedia will need Stormchaser & accuracy but she can be melted after breaking her barrier. If you think your team can burn them, go for it.

#9 - GM champions are in the same spot as Master NF champions. I'm surprised that some players didn't know this. But if you played the Master NF of a strike, the GM champions are exactly the same in the same location. If you have a barrier champ on a bridge in Master, it will be there in GM. If you have 3 unstoppables waiting after a portal, they will be there in GM. So if you want to practice, Master provides the extra knowledge

#10 - Upgrade your gear as high as possible. There is a difference to have 10 points available for mod slots, compared to 3 points. You're going to get the materials back, so spend them wisely on your armor. At no point should you be going into a GM with only a few points available per armor. Too many good mods and stat builds out there to lose out on points.

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Bungie Suggestion Increase Base Reload speed on Aggressive SMGs if ammo count doesn't go past 30 rounds.


The whole point of Aggresive frames used to be that they do more damage at close range then other subs. But they barely do that job. I think to play into the aggressive play, base reload speed should be increased to be above 50. Handling and stability can stay low given its an SMG and Precision frames have the highest base Stability while Aggresive frames have the lowest. I think to balance this out, lightweights should just have the best handling, while aggressive get the reload to be what the sub-archetype says.

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Media Bungie hired Netflix's The Dragon Prince Producer


Bungie hired Lauren Topal as a full-time Senior Producer for Transmedia. She previously worked at Netflix, Wonderstorm, Riot Games, Pixar and 20th Century Fox. She worked on some huge animated projects such as Wall E, Up, The Dragon Prince and more. It seems that Bungie is very serious about its multimedia projects and has a lot of focus on animation.


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Bungie Suggestion Renewal Grasps should be re-balanced.


I was reserving judgement when I initially saw what was dropping this season in case it would get changed, but I think with the finale wrapping up soon, I'm in the clear.

I'm not really happy about the nerfs to Renewal Grasps in S16 when the next Season adds a 40% intrinsic damage resistance for 100 resilience, coupled with healing that allows players to breeze through PvE content solo, and makes PvP even more slow and skittish than than it already was. Lorely splendor titans, healing grenades and classy restoration replicate the situations Renewal Grasps were nerfed for with a fraction of the investment cost.

I don't necessarily have an issue with the defense and restoration mechanics, I just don't see the point of the nerfs to Renewal Grasps if this is the direction Destiny is taking. Doubling the grenade cooldown as a hidden stat is a brutal change, and it's not something you see on any other exotic armor piece in the entire game. So many interesting builds, not just the ones that focused on damage resistance, got completely shut down, and as the only Stasis exotic Hunters really have aside from Bakris, I definitely think they deserve another pass.

Edits: numbers, fact checking, spelling

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SGA Sunset weapons are viable on the Leviathan and in Sever!


So as we all know, being on the Leviathan boosts your power level to to 1570, and being in Sever boosts it to 1550. Last night as I was falling asleep, I suddenly had a question. If you're using sunset weapons, does it still boost you? I tested it out and YES, it does. Maybe this was widely known, but while you're doing some grinding on the Leviathan, pull out those sunset weapons that you haven't used in a while and change it up a bit. It can be a lot of fun.

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SGA You can speed up the Nessus Battlegrounds by freezing and pushing off the Wyverns



Its pretty much the same strat people do on Gatekeepers if they want to kill the Minotaurs without destroying their shields. Just letting you know that it works on those guys as well in case people didn't already know.

You still have to progress the vex kills that you need to get in order to spawn a bomb to destroy a Wyvern shield. The game pretty much checks after each 100% completion if a Wyvern got killed and then progresses to the next stage.

There are three Wyverns in total but the third one is quite far away from the abyss to push it off.

Its still faster than doing it normal since you don't have to kill the Cabal that drop the bomb.

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Bungie Suggestion With our limited inventory and no auto/mass dismantle options, bules clutter our inventory and postmaster creating mess after long play sessions, we need to clean up everytime.


Blues = chore you need to deal with after every session.

D1 had auto dismantle on pick up for lower tier gear, in D2 it was removed, yet, bules still hold no tangeble purpose. +100 glimmer and +1 gunsmith rank is not the rewards that worth the frustration of dealing with Blues.

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Discussion Positive feedback: The additional perks based on rank resets feels great


Previously, farming playlist weapons felt like an absolute lottery, with so many perks in both columns your odds of getting something resembling what you wanted was incredibly low. It disincentivised farming for the weapon, with most players either being put off or dipping when they got a vaguely good roll.

The additional perks on rank resets mean I'm now actually farming for specific perk combos or rolls and as a result spending more time in the playlists and caring caring more about my rank bonus. Increasing the chances of getting loot I want has increased the time I spend chasing loot because I feel like there's a good chance I'll get it.

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Question Are phalanxes not meant to be stunned when you shoot the middle weakpoint in their shield anymore?


I can’t tell if that’s a glitch or its intended?

Edit:It’s the iron modifier doing this in case you’re wondering

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Question Why aren't there any Exotic Quest that is like Zero Hour and Last whisper?


Why aren't there any free for new players Exotic Quest that is like Zero Hour and Whisper? Now that WotM and Outbreak was vaulted, are there any substitute for it?

It used to be our Gateway Exotic Quest when we introduce Destiny 2 to new players. We used to help newbies get these weapons. Hype them up cause these weapons were good and usually we finish this in one or two sitting after we finished a test run. We made many friends with people locally when we help them take WoTM and Outbreak and it was a fun type(for me) of activity.

Is there any announcement on why they discontinue this type of quest? I don't usually follow announcements and news?

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Bungie Suggestion Arc Souls in Arc 3.0 should cast their own Chaos Reach


Arc souls in Arc 3.0 should cast their own chaos reach when you cast yours. Its damage could range from that of a storm grenade to a geomagless Chaos Reach.

The Arc soul is consumed upon completion of the super. A true friend giving its own life for your gain. You hear a faint cry as It fades away with the beam. No time for tears as you quickly place another rift. A new Arc buddy arrives instantly and looks at you with glee. You stare grimly back at the your new friend knowing all too well that in the next 7-13 minutes (depending on your intellect tier) it will simply be another lamb sent to the slaughter.

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Bungie Suggestion Leveling crafted weapons is still a very unpleasant thing to do


WIth a bit of luck I finally pulled the fifth Beloved I needed to unlock the Pattern from a Leviathan chest. After the 5 seconds of thinking "Great, I can finally craft and play this awesome thing again" I was immediately reminded, that I need to get 16 levels on this gun first to craft the roll I want. After 3 Crucible matches and 6 kills I stand at a staggering 61% of Level 2 completed.

Leveling your crafted weapons to give them the perks you want on them is a chore that is just bloated without any reason and I am sick of the whole process by now.

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Discussion GoS still isn't glitchy


With gos coming back in the weekly raid rotation I've seen a lot of people continue to claim gos is glitchy. However, 90% of the time this is not the case and in the 10% of the time where a problem is a glitch it is very easily solved.

1 - Tethering Tethering is not and has never been glitchy in literally any way. The tether acts in a consistent and predictable way that is identical every time. The majority of the time, the reason why people are struggling with tethers is because they don't understand they do not instantly connect. When a tether touches a door or the boss, it has to stay there for about a second before it connects. People will often break off the tether as soon as they see it connect instead of just standing still until the audio queue occurs. Secondly, people don't understand that stretching a tether to it's limit on the ground then jumping causes the tether to become over-extended. This usually happens on the boss as they jump to avoid ground damage but the vertical height counts towards the length of the tether, causing them to constantly disconnect and reconnect. Thirdly, people just don't move precisely enough and think there's a problem with the tether. This week I watched someone repeatedly get in the tether then keep walking forward until it breaks off about 5 times in a row instead of stopping when the tether became red, then proceed to tell bungie to fix their game.

2 - Motes Ok so motes do genuinely get stuck inside the floor sometimes. They can get stuck in the pile of rubble on the top left lane of the harpy encounter and underneath the ground in the portals at boss. However, this should never ever cause a team to wipe. On third encounter, you can just simply kill an extra minotaur to solve the problem. You can also lure the minotaur away from the rubble to completely prevent this ever happening. On boss, there is only a 1/4 chance that it actually matters because you have to get goblins instead of harpies on both portal entries to not have enough motes if one gets stuck in the floor. Even if this occurs, you can just simply go in again and get an extra mote and this should never result in a wipe.

In conclusion, gos does have 1 or 2 minor glitches that are easily rectified, but it doesn't deserve the reputation of being a glitchy raid because it has less glitches than most the other raids currently in the game.

Edit: from reading the comments it just sounds like the biggest problem is lack of experience. I didn't wanna bring it up in the original post but I've done this raid more than 1300 times and the majority of things that people are bringing up are things that have literally never happened to me a single time. Like I understand why less experienced people think it's glitchy but once you have a deep understanding of how the raid works you realise that it is very consistent.

Edit 2: guys I really hate to be like IvE dOnE tHiS 1o0o TiMeS but people are telling me that things I have literally never seen happen once in my life happen in 1/3 of runs

Edit 3: ok guys so a few people mentioned that recently they've had the tether not connect to a specific person just for it to connect to literally anyone else in the fireteam. I'm gonna be real with u this was a thing in the first gos pinnacle week but it's not been a thing since that 1 week but yes I concede that saying the tether has NEVER been glitchy is technically incorrect due to that one week

FINAL EDIT: I am adding harpy spitting off the map in the first encounter to my list of glitches that actually exist. Apart from that, every other occurrence mentioned happens due to the players' actions. My point with this post wasn't to say that gos has ZERO glitches, but to say that it has few glitches compared to other raids and doesn't deserve the reputation of "the glitchy raid".

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SGA For those unaware Last Wish Mods started working again in last patch.


I did not see anyone mention this in a search or anywhere else, so I thought I would make a quick post about it.

The patch notes this past Tuesday (June 28) made a comment about fixing Last Wish mods that did not drop.

The Last Wish: Fixed an issue where mods were not dropping.

However before the patch the mods were showing deprecated when looking at the Last Wish armor.

I thought at the time this was a very peculiar line to add to patch notes. Why have mods that don't work, drop anymore?

Just a quick note on how I discovered they worked, I had spent some time in the last 2 seasons of last year getting together a full set of Last Wish armor to attempt a Petra's Run on my Warlock. The armor was not needed, but I wanted to take it serious enough and wanted every advantage. That run was successful, and the armor went to the vault.

After I read that the mods no longer worked earlier this year, I was looking to make room in the vault but just could not bear myself to delete them after we got the extra 100 spots.

Last Tuesday night I was looking for more room already (damn hoarders), I was about to delete the set again, when I noticed the mods did not show deprecated anymore.

I went to Shiro Chi and tested my hunch and right away the mods Taken Barrier and Take Armaments triggered. I did not check the other two but have no doubt they work.

I saved a screenshot with both showing (heavy +2) and Taken Resistance. I used this season's Bump in the Night in the screenshot to have a timeline if needed. I also have a short video if needed.


For anyone wondering, No they did not come back bugged, they still (rightfully so) do not work in Shattered Throne or Prophecy anymore.

TLDR; Last Wish mods are now working in Last Wish Raid

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Discussion Old raid weapons that perform well this season?


Now that raid farming is a thing, what are some weapons that have rolls that are unique in themselves that are useful for both PvE and PvP?