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Discussion PvE Mains: what would it take for you to engage with PvP more?


Most of the issues people have with PvP right now boils down to a slowly dwindling population of players and engagement past the first 3 matches in a week. Matchmaking changes are needed on a functional level but can only go so far if the skill bell curve gets dramatic enough.

In this sub particularly, I can find a ton of comments from people who refuse to go anywhere close to PvP but rarely specify why apart "Matchmaking Bad". So I pose the question, apart from matchmaking changes, what would it take for you to engage with the PvP side of Destiny more?

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Discussion What exotic weapon never seems to leave your inventory, no matter how much or how little you may use it?


Used to be Vigilance Wing back when I enjoyed played Crucible more, now it's Outbreak Perfected and Sleeper. I can also see Trespasser sticking around a while, I fucking love that thing.

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Discussion PvP is Probably in the Worst State Since Stasis Launch


Omnioculus, classy restoration, in air shooting is gone, fastest cooldown supers are ruining Trials especially with zone control, connections seem to get worse every season.

It might be me, but I feel like I’m being spammed with abilities even more than before the cooldown nerfs for the anniversary patch. It’s just not fun at this point and I’m not quite sure where you go from here with so many pieces broken. It’s unfortunate because a lot of PvE grinding I do is for PvP weapons. Rift was about the only positive for me so far. I’m sure I’ll give it another shot once some changes happen but for now, for me, it’s just not fun.

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Discussion What’s a QOL change that would make the game more enjoyable for you?


for me it’s easily loadouts. of course we have DIM which is an amazing tool, but i always ask why do i need to use a 3rd party app in order to do so? with dim you cant change your loadout in an activity which is a bit of a nuance, and again its in using an app/website which isnt too ideal. i have a multitude of different builds i use for a slew of different things having loadouts built into the game would make build swapping so seamless.

i’m sure this is something alot of others want but im curious as to what everyone else would like!

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Discussion Team of 6 gilded Unbrokens farming without capturing flags


Basically title, 6 teaed up gilded Unbrokens farming ppl for kills in Casual and they dont even capture the Flags so they have more time to do so.

And ppl ask why there are less and less others in PvP?

I think these things should be adressed by Bungie, maybe by adding solo-q to every mode?

I dont know but these matches just make me wanna stop play pvp, simply feels like i am a sheep hunted by wolves and thts no fun. why should i wante my free time for something that isnt fun at all :/

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Discussion Ok, how many of you have filled up your vault, again?


This season, Bungie increased the vault space from 500 to 600. I started the season with a nearly full vault. Here we are at the end of week 5 and I'm at 597. Sigh.

I just checked and I have 37 Deepsight-complete weapons I'm hoarding for their Neutral elements, 'cause I've only unlocked 1 pattern(!) and 10000 is a ridiculously low limit.

I know I should stop caring about patterns, and more red borders will continue to drop. But for a game that revolves around loot, it's incredibly hard to be a hoarder.

[Edit: Just to be clear, I’m not asking for more vault space. This is mostly a me problem. Although, I do wish weapons could be crafted with multiple perks. And increase the neutral element cap.]

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Discussion Not enough legendary shards


The legendary shard inflation is out of control. The price to focus has consistently increased but the rate of acquisition has not kept up.

It can cost 100 shards to focus a single weapon. That’s the equivalent of 25 legendary dismantles, just to break even.

In my opinion legendary shards should not be a resource pain point, given there is really no way to farm them other than slowly acquiring them just playing the game.

Please raise the minimum legendary shard wage.

From, A working class guardian

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Discussion Destiny 2 MP has no chill


Let me start this off by saying I am not good at D2 PVP. I never have been and likely never will be. I have the occasionally good game where I can get some high KDs but otherwise I sit around 1.5 most games while using Crimson most of the time. This is probably due to the fact that I don't play it all that much and if I played it more then I would probably get better, but what I cant figure out is why anyone would do that.

Every match I play is one side sweeping the other. I find people with 3.0+ KDs carrying Trial's adept weapons that make me want to cry. When Im not getting sniped the second I show my head, its someone sliding around a corner with a shotgun or fusion. When its not that its a three to six man moving around the map as one. When its not that, Im getting domed by a handcanon because it out damages my weapons at most ranges. And if its somehow not any of that, if by some miracle I find myself in a genuinely matched game, its someone who tbags and emotes on me everytime they kill me.

When the match is over and kills no longer matter I emote, mostly to stop myself from throwing my controller in rage, and they almost always just gun me down.

They. Have. No. Chill.

They spend more time playing pvp than I do awake. They spend more time in control then I have ever lived. They were born naked, afraid, and clutching a copy of D2 with the Chaperone already unlocked. I can only assume that, in their adderall induced haze of indifference, they gain satisfaction in making me contemplate uninstalling the game. That the unholy deal they have made for such opportunity could only come from the devil himself, because if its not that I cant begin to fathom why Bungie hasn't made skill based matchmaking a thing. Because they don't want long wait times? Truly a worthwhile trade. The cost of that is that I only play it for challenges and pinnacle gear. Pinnacle that usually isn't even worth it because its the same power level as my current gear so I don't bother in anything less than a 4 man fireteam.

I love Destiny 2, I really do, but when I play Crucible it makes me understand why so many people hate this game.

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Discussion Bungie I know that players generally don't like vaulting. But we'd be 100% okay with The Corrupted being retired


Bungie, we're friends right? We have a lot of memories together, some good some bad. I know in the past we've been against vaulting. But just this once I'd be perfectly fine with you axing The Corrupted.

I'll give you whatever you want. Delete my Titan, take all my god rolls, hell take my Vex Mythoclast.

Please I will literally delete my account and start this game brand new as long as I know I'll never have to touch that Strike again.

Please Bungie you will have my undying love and affection ❤

Edit: I feel like this needs to be added because ya'll got it twisted.

Not a single soul on gods green earth hates The Corrupted because it's hard. We hate it because it's unreasonably long, annoying, and an absolute slog to get through.

If players wanted strikes vaulted because they're hard players would be asking for Glassway and Lightblade to be vaulted, but no one is.

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Discussion Why was Forerunner nerfed in PvE?


While yes, it was an extreme outlier among special weapons in regards to ammo economy, this felt like it was an intentional functionality of the exotic. I still have not once seen a SINGLE player using it in ANY PvE activity.

Even if it’s good in GM’s this season, why nerf it? I thought you wanted us to stop spamming Arbalest? Nerfing the next best [SEASONAL] alternative right after doesnt help at all.

72ammo p/ brick -> 16ammo p/ brick

It now picks up 22~% the ammo it used to.

EDIT: The people saying the gun in its current state is in any way unbalanced(PvE) must be playing an entirely different game from me. Im playing Destiny, not Halo guys.

EDIT 2: Having an exotic that had a good ammo economy felt “exotic”. Fix ammo swapping if thats an issue somewhere in the game (where), instead of destroying the only use this weapon had (ITS UNIQUE AMMO ECONOMY). This and Witherhoard are the only 2 specials I can run double Specials with in PvE and not suffer. Now thats gonna be just Witherhoard, but I guarantee nobodys gonna justify a nerf for that, despite it being used at least 1,000x more than Forerunner. Thats all though, peace.

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Discussion I’m a trash pvp player - ask me a pvp question and I’ll give you professional advice.


Anything goes - I might as well be wallah

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Discussion Malfeasance is going to be meta, calling it rn


180 got buffed but my boy malfeasance also have extended mag so that's another +10 airbone effectiveness, my body is ready

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Discussion Rift in this week's Iron Banner is inherently not fun to play, and it's astonishing this game mode went live.


Hold interact in the middle of the map while everyone else is fighting?


Unnecessary loading screen that constantly interrupts the flow of the game?


Bugs that cause the rift to not spawn and make the game impossible to win from behind?


Seriously I genuinely cannot wrap my head around why rift was changed so much. Nobody asked for this game mode to switch and I cannot fathom why we changed the fast-paced blowout game mode from d1 into a slow, round-based tactile game mode. It's not fun to play when you're stomping, and don't even get me started on what it's like to be getting stomped. If you were gonna make this a new game mode then fine, but advertising this as Rift is a complete joke.

Edit: I've been grinding this thing out the last 2 days for Iron Lord. My opinion of the gamemode has not changed but I have now lost the ability to get Iron Lord as I have completed 6 of the daily challenges. The reputation is currently bugged so that if you complete more than 4 of the challenges your maximum reputation per match will be capped at 60. Giving them the benefit of the doubt that this will be fixed in the patch on Thursday, but if not, it's a really bad look for one of the only 2 iron banners this season to be completely unfarmable.

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Discussion Opinions on Season of the Haunted? Hit or Miss?


Curious to think what people think about Haunted that aren’t twitter users since different parts of the Destiny community view things differently.

Personally I don’t find running an unchanging public event for a chance to get a key that opens a chest across the patrol space for a chance at the weapon I want with a slim chance of it having a red border five times for multiple weapons, fun at all. The public event gets old very fast and makes the grind significantly worse. Not many of the actual Haunted weapons are worth chasing. I don’t have a problem with grinding like a degenerate, but the main loop of loot acquisition this season is pretty bad. Getting a patrol space inside of a season is cool, but Derelict Levi is only slightly better than Mercury. It also just brings up the DCV discussion all over again. Sever’s alright and delivers a good story, but the missions themselves are not as good as previous weekly missions such as Shattered Realm or Expunge.

I’m not versed enough in all the classes Solar 3.0 yet to say very much so I’ll leave that to anyone reading. I really like the dungeon but I count it separately from the season as they are sold separately. PvP seems awful, I’ve only dabbled in it a little but the “in air accuracy” changes feel like the antithesis of Destiny. The meta is boring and Solar 3.0 kind of feels like it undid the 30th anniversary ability nerfs.

A little frustrating to have these thoughts week one and be told I’m overreacting or to wait, but nothing’s changed after five weeks. Maybe I’m just alone on this and I’m a pessimist, but that’s kind of why I’m posting this. I wanna know what other people think about the season.

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Discussion Restoration in general breaks pvp


Not only classy restoration( thats highkey broken but only seasonal)

It feels so counter intuitive toward primary gun gameplay. Restoration x2 and u are basically outhealing damage done by most primaries. Add in heal grenades every 30 seconds if u want them and its basically a game of who can get a OHK off first. Basically u cant take any chip damage for granted anymore cuz they are liable to be full health in literally 2 seconds.

Personally i feel it shouldnt be turned on in pvp at all. Higher cooldown on healing nades for pvp only would also be nice.

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Discussion Dawnblade is by far the WORST Solar 3.0 Super

  • It has the shortest amount of ACTIVE time because both Icarus dash and shooting projectiles cost a lot of energy.
  • It does the least amount of damage of almost all the damage supers in the game
  • It has no aspects that effect its gameplay in any way
  • Almost all of its pre-3.0 abilities are gone or worse:
    • Explosions on Kill? GONE
    • Increased duration on Kill? GONE
    • Infinite Phoenix Dive? Only use once per super
    • Aggressively seeking targets? Got to give up an aspect slot

Lets compare this to the sun breaker titan w/ aspects:

  • You can throw more abilities
  • Each hammer creates a sunspot regardless of kills
  • Getting a kill triggers health regen
  • Each hammer releases shrapnel that increases the AOE
  • Damage resistance is high enough to tank an adaptive sniper

Literally the only thing solar warlock does better is having Icarus dash. The sun breaker is better in almost every other way.

The bottom line is dawnblade has been stripped down to is base form and lost/doesn't have any sort of customization for the super. In PVE I'm sticking with well and PVP it's still the best option but I'm not happy about it.

EDIT: I've also seen that burning maul is also really bad so lets say both of them are bad.

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Discussion It amazes me that people complain about shotgun nerfs and claim shotguns require a significant amount of skill.


Seriously they've been meta since D1. As long as you arent running straight down a sniper/long lane you can easily shotgun ape or shotgun melee in almost any map. If I put on a shotgun I easily get 2.0+ kd in crucible without even touching my primary. They are extremely easy to use and oppressive.

There are many things wrong in pvp regarding balances (fusion range, map spawns, etc) yet people still whine that you have to get a little closer for your shotgun kills. Just try using more guns and diversify your loadouts. If you dont like your other options thats ok, but realize shotguns needed tuning.

Edit: to the 'concerned' redditor who contacted reddit saying I was threatening to harm myself, go fuck yourself. You are wasting other peoples valuable time by 'trolling' when those resources could be spent on actually cases. You are wasting time and energy that could really help people because you cant handle other peoples opinions about a virtual shotgun.

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Discussion Eris Morn, the Witch Queen


I'm hoping that Savathûn has one last trick up her sleeve wings, and that she'll pass on her title and Inmaru to Eris.

I can think of nothing more unexpected than giving up her light so that Eris can regain hers and lead the Lucent; in true Savathûn fashion, absolutely stunt on the Witness.

I had to get this out here and see what others thought

Edit: I added spoiler for anyone who didn't play the Witch Queen campaign

Edit 2: I want to thank everyone for responding and giving your opinions on this. I'm a big Eris fan and she deserves some good

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Discussion Weird question, but what are some of the guns with the best & worst shooting sounds in the game?


Some of my favorites include Thoughtless, Krait, Xenophage, Calus Minitool, literally any kinetic hand canon, Sleeper Simulant, Come to Pass, stuff like that.

Some of the worst ones imo are any other stasis guns introduced in witch queen that i didnt mention in my favorites list.

I’d love to hear your guys’ thoughts!

Edit: How could i forget Outbreak as a great one? Doy.

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Discussion It has been one week.


One week since the season dropped, 5 days since we got the dungeon, and people are complaining that they don't have crafted rolls yet. That there's not some easy way to solo flawless the dungeon. That their class is useless now.

The attitude of people here has been insane. Y'all need to take a step back and breathe, give things a chance to surface. Plenty of exotics to try, plenty of builds to work out, 90 days to craft your beloved...Beloved.

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Discussion Destiny 2 is not a Competitive PVP game and that's OK.


A lot of complains i see is always about PVP but i think people who play Destiny 2 for PVP only and expect it to be Esports level are playing the wrong game, Destiny 2 is a Fantasy Space MMO.

Aim Assist, Bullet Magnetism, Overpowered Weapon Perks, Exotics, Space Magic and so on is why people love Destiny 2, I'm very bad at PVP in ANY FPS GAME i play but when it comes to Destiny 2 i get more kills with my guns than i do in any other game because the game literally aims for you and you just needs to press shoot.

So my advice is look at it as a fun mode not a competitive mode if you want competitive PVP go play a PVP only game, we have so many of those already heck if i'm correct even Bungie is developing one right now Code Name: Matter.

The moment people are not getting the same amount of kills they used get each season they start complaining, believe me if you get 20 kills in D2 you will get 2 kills in other PVP focused games and that's OK because D2 is not meant to be a competitive PVP game and trying to make it that way actually ruins the game... i'm looking at you Airborne Effectiveness.

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Discussion I love this game BUT the customer service of Bungiestore is the worst one I`ve ever encountered.


The customer service of Bungiestore is the worst one I`ve ever encountered.

I did order quite a few merch products from Bungie so far and most of them took quite long. I do not have a problem with that at all. They produce a lot of products based on pre-orders and whatnot.

But this time was different. I pre-ordered the SteelSeries Headset in February thinking it might arrive in late March/ early April as stated on the website. That`s when all went downhill.

As a result of lockdowns in Shanghai, I received an E-Mail stating the product would arrive later than originally planned, about a month later. Sounds good so far. Another month later I received the same E-Mail again, stating the product will have further delays and I would receive another message as soon as my product shipped. All of this was quite unfortunate but I accepted it because it`s not Bungie's fault. Or so I thought. About 3 weeks ago the shipping status on Bungie's website switched to "shipping now - expect a tracking number soon". And I and some friends of mine who pre-ordered the headset got excited. After talking about how good the headset looked on Bungie's website in voice chat a clanmate of mine ordered the headset as well. And 2 days later he already received his headset.

We were all quite surprised since the rest of us waited for about 4 months and he had to wait for about 3 days. That`s when I made the fatal flaw of contacting customer service.

I wrote a pretty long E-Mail describing my problem and asking whether or not my product would arrive at all as well as stating the discomfort I felt when I waited months just for someone else to receive the headset first.

The answer I got was pretty surprising. It was just a picture of the pre-order shipping update.

The same one I could look up on Bungie's website as well as a message stating they could help me out if I send another message containing my order number. That`s it.

Coincidentally one of my friends did the same. He wrote an E-Mail to customer support. And he as well got the same answer as I did. They did NOT read our problem statement at all.

'Okay, second try' I thought to myself. This time stating my order number. The answer I received was:

the same picture of the pre-order shipping update as well as a short message stating

' Sadly, we are unable to provide an estimated shipping date for individual orders.  '

Why ask for my order number in the first place?

Last week my girlfriend ordered the headset. She already got it.

What`s the matter with your logistics Bungie? Are you not shipping First in - First out just as it should be? And why does the customer support not read the actual messages they receive?

I love this game and I liked your other products too. But I feel pretty bad considering I pre-ordered a product and received it last. I gave you my money so you guys could do something with it. Everything but not sending me my product it seems like.

And again: I do not care about waiting long for a product. But I do care when waiting 4 months instead of 4 days.

Small Update: I canceled my order and re-ordered the headset. I already got the shipping confirmation. Edit 2: I got the headset!!!

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Discussion 6 Weeks Into The Season: Despite Excellent Storytelling, Seasonal Activities Feel Sparse and Uninteresting


Before I jump into some of the negative feedback. There are two things I think this season has done well:

  • It's telling a compelling story
  • Really cool aesthetic with the seasonal armor ornaments and weapons

Despite those two things are done well - I am really struggling to retain interest in replaying the seasonal activities.

Nightmare containment is sorely lacking in any kind of variety, it's the exact same experience every single run per week and with the amount the game encourages us to play it - I'm finding it incredibly dry.

Sever - while again striking some excellent narrative tones - I feel is lacking in replayability. When I look at some direct comparables in the Shattered Realm from Season of the Lost and Expunge from Season of the Splicer - I find Sever to lack the scale and the secrets of SR and lack the almost time-trial pace from Expunge.

Another big gripe for me is bosses, and this isn't an issue I have with Haunted alone.

As a player that has played throughout the entirety of D2 - I have to say that fighting the model of Omnigul, Crota, Ghaul and Big Psion^TM is getting a little tiring. I know this is aspirational - but is it too much to ask that new boss models besides just Large Enemy^TM are added anywhere outside of raids?

Beyond the activities themselves, the reward economy is out of whack - so much so that it feels almost purposely designed to be significantly less player friendly than past economies from Splicer, Lost and Risen to prop up player engagement metrics as players bang their heads to try and get what they want.

Another quick point on being a vet player - it really sucks having an eye of the storm/rangefinder Austringer in my vault that is sunset which I spent my time in Menagerie for be useless and be actively encouraged to go and tediously regrind the same roll on the same gun.

While I enjoyed the dungeon - it's a separate paid component and I am not including that in the feedback for the season.

I don't know what I really expected, maybe there's more to come - we have one exotic weapon in Tresspasser, but that definitely opens up different feedback on just how much content should be dripfed over a season.

Lack of intersting seasonal content really exacerbates the state of core playlists which have stagnated incredibly over the years. At some point - I'm just not excited to kill Bracus Zaun for the 5th straight year of Destiny and for my 3rd(?) Conqueror title. The issues with PVP and Gambit are well documented at this point so I won't dive in.

This is where I am at, curious if others, particularly verterans feel similarly?

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Discussion Daybreak is the worst super in Destiny 2


Before 3.0, dawn chorus bottom tree was at least capable of being better than special weapons.

Now? Daybreak's duration is nonexistent, the damage is pitiful, and it barely clears ads thanks to the loss of the entire bottom tree. Not to mention it's the slowest regen super in Destiny 2.

It's not even good in the crucible anymore! Both Titans and Hunters can build into their solar supers to make them strong using exotics and aspects. Why does warlock literally do less than half the damage with a longer cooldown?

The only super that comes close is spectral blades, which at least is viable for crucible. Dawnblade feels robbed of an entire super and it sucks.

EDIT: I know spectral and arc staff also suck, but cmon daybreak hits for 2 damage sometimes in crucible. Both of those also have decent exotics for them. This discussion is about how bad daybreak is especially in comparison to other 3.0 supers.

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Discussion Void 3.0 felt like a fully fleshed redesign, solar 3.0 feels like a balancing patch disguised as a redesign.


For context, warlock main.

After five or six hours of play yesterday in and out of patrol zones and PVP and a vow clear, Solar just feels flat.

In the Dev commentary vod they said that balance should not come at the expense of fun but I can’t find much actual fun that hadn’t already been present and easier to obtain through intrinsic symmetry.

Was it really that overpowered to be able to eat your grenade to turn it into a healing/over shield? Now we have to choose between any level of damage viability with grenades and the aspects that support them or completely castrate that entire part of our kit to make a healing grenade.

The finger snap fire is admittedly fun but still a fairly large Nerf to celestial fire which was a more directed blast. After using sunbracers pre-patch with celestial fire you could easily target one red bar to ensure you get a kill to proc your grenades. Now, there is a very thin distance between lunge slapping and the fire snap spreading too far to kill a single mob, especially in the raid or any content above patrol level difficulty (mob hp).

I just feel that the comment about ‘never balance at the cost of fun’ was complete gaslighting at this point because that’s exactly what they did.

Edit: I forgot about supers. Holy shit what a nightmare for warlocks. They hard Nerfed well by taking away the overshield, and took away the only thing Dawnblade had in PVE which extended duration on kills (forgot the name of it). Now it is very subpar at both damage and ad clear and duration. Why? There hadn’t been dawnblade complaints from crucible in several seasons at this point since the last round of nerfs. It just feels like literally everything they did (for warlocks), they cut out fun for the sake of balance, even where there hadn’t been problems before.