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Mod Post Monthly Artists Thread


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DMing Our DnD is pretty bad and I dont know how to bring it up to them.


About 2 weeks ago me and some good friends of mine started a campaign that our friend is dming. We all went in with no real “expectations” for how good our friend was gonna be as a dm, but it was worse than any if us thought really. I’ll give a breif explanation of how the 2 sessions went. Our whole party was brought together in a tavern by this bright light floating in the sky. This NPC the DM made, Kyris, wants us to help him kill 13 people. And in both sessions kyris led the way to one of the 13. We faught them, killed them pretty easily because Kyris is a Lvl 10 rouge while we are all level 1, so the one none actual player is doing all of our damage for the most part so it dosent even feel like we get to fight our own fights. And that was basically the whole session. No mystery, no clues, we just go and do it. It just feels like we are being told a story and are kind of just there. Not like we get to partake in it. We dont get to find out where we need to go on our own since kyris is leading us everywhere, we dont get to fight on our own since kyris is there. And i talked to the rest of the group and they all feel the same. So now I come with the question how do I tell them this, and how do i help them improve. Because we all want to keep doing this campaign we just want it to be enjoyable for everyone. Thank you for reading!

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OC The Walls of Constantinople as a Battlemap [70x56] [OC]

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Out of Game There's nothing wrong with min-maxing.


I see lots of posts about how "I'm a role-play heavy character, but my 'min-maxing' fellow players are ruining the game for me."

Maybe if everyone but you is focused on combat, then that's the direction the campaign leans in. Maybe you're the one ruining their experience by playing a character that can't pull their weight in combat, getting everyone killed.

And just because you've got a character that has all utility cantrips doesn't make you RP heavy. I can prestidigitate all day, that doesn't mean I'm role playing. Don't confuse utility with RP.

DnD is definitely a role-playing game, it just is. But that doesn't mean that being RP heavy makes you the good guy, or gives you the right to look down on how other people like to play.

EDIT: Also, to steal one of the comments, min-maxing and RP aren't mutually exclusive. You can be a combat god who also has one of the most heart wrenching rp moments in the campaign. The only way to max RP stats is with your words in the game.

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Art The most vibrant reef map you ever saw? [Art]

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OC [Oc] Jasmine the Tiefling by Me

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Out of Game AITA for wanting more from my DM?


Tonight, I just finished a campaign in the most disappointing way. We were playing the premade campaign ‘The Dungeons of Drakenhiem’. We finished fighting one of the big bosses in the story, a 12ft tall Gnoll at a cathedral dedicated to worshiping the holy flame (our cleric was very happy). On our way back to camp, we encountered an “infinite zombie hoard”. We didn’t even get to roll, fight, try to run. The DM straight up just said ‘game over’.

The annoying part is that we were still following leads. We were still searching for a royal family, and we still had a magical meteor to check out. We had literally just finished a long rest and leveled up. After that, me the two other PC’s sat in stunned silence. We had all put in a lot of work into our characters. I felt like we were all having fun and that the DM was into it. Almost immediately after the game ended, the DM then suggested that we start a new campaign that one of the other PC’s said he had just started working on but not yet finished. Now this poor man has a week to get his stuff together to try to have some semblance of a game for us, and I feel bad for him.

AITA for wanting something more? Should I talk to the previous DM to tell him that I don’t like the way the campaign ended? What should I say to him? Should I leave the group entirely? I don’t want to hurt the DM’s feelings because he was DMing for us and doing a good job.

Sorry, just had to rant.

Edit: Thanks for all the support in the comments. I completely understand burnouts and that the DM’s heart might not be in the game anymore. On the same note, as many people in the comments have said, that should be no reason to go out and nuke an unfinished campaign without allowing us to at least impact our own endings. As for the people suggesting that we angered the DM, I find it highly unlikely. We all roleplayed fairly well I feel like. None of us truly argued or fought over anything. We constantly showered the DM with praise and said how much we were enjoying the campaign. I’m going to reach out over discord to him to see why he did it, and hopefully try to come to a better resolution. Thanks everyone!

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Art [ART] Sword dancer in the starlight swamp

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OC Next month I’ll be getting started on crafting a set of pure 14k gold dice! Here’s a peak of the gold plated dice from my Kickstarter. [Art] (Mod Approved)

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OC [OC][art] Magic Item - Mask of Emotions

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Art [Art] Allana Reingard, the first antagonist of my campaign (Commissions Open)

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OC [oc] 28mm barbarian handsculpted by me with greenstuff and millput

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Out of Game I'm brand new to DnD and i'm trying to understand the character backstory.


Does anyone have any general tips for a backstory? im a wood forging half elf and i have a general background but does my background need to flow into my adventure? or is that even a valid question? completely new here and am gonna understandably embarrass myself.

Also any beginner heads up would be appreciated.

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Art [ART] The Amulet of the Planes

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Game Tales Tip for a great campaign: get a journalist in your party.


One of my girlfriend’s friends worked as a reporter for a local paper for years. He joined my Descent into Avernus game last fall, and immediately volunteered to be the note-taker for the party. I have never seen notes this precise and comprehensive. He has them up on a big Google doc that the rest of the party can reference, and it is clear to me that they do. This is the first time as a DM where I haven’t had to remind players of stuff they forgot.

Edit: enough people asked for a link, so I copied his Chapter 1 notes to a new Google Doc and am sharing it here. I would note that there are definitely absolutely major spoilers to Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus inside. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DnXJPO8UAOCe5PWMzRvILoUIUuFYjgFHlnnJ9B-WWgg/edit?usp=sharing

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Out of Game "It's just too hard to run"


Hi all, need some advice.

I recently got invited by a new friend to play in a one-shot that he was DM'ing. As a forever DM who only very recently got to be a player, I was keen to have an excuse to play some more. Got told the pre-requisites for the character building and away I went, happily tinkering away at a character I though would be fun to play.

I sent a message to the DM and ask if I'm able to play a Grung Monk, cause adding in the poisoning to punches seemed fun. I got a response that stated that Grung weren't "officially published" so my character was rejected. Another player had made a custom lineage character and almost instantly got a thumbs up from the DM, without any form of checking. The DM realised this and asked me why I wanted to play a Grung. I explained my idea and got told "I’m not a fan of the poison feature" so I ditched the idea and decided to make something else that was 100% published to avoid the issue.

So I rolled up a Bugbear Warlock. Plain and simple, all by the book. I chose Fathomless because I wanted to give it a go. Sent it through and expected a quick thumbs up. I received an "Ugh..." instead. This was quickly followed by "I hate the Fathomless. The tentacle is just to hard to run as a DM". I tried to talk to him but he went offline pretty quickly.

TL;DR: DM doesn't like the character I made and I'm unsure what to do next.

Am I doing something wrong with rolling up my characters here? I don't feel like I'm picking stuff that's going to cause an issue but I feel like I am since the DM doesn't like my choices.

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Homebrew [Art] Bard Subclass - College of Metal

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DMing Waiting until the level up to get a new spell. (5e)


DM question. One of my players, a cleric, told the others a great “hack” to wait until another level up to get a higher level spell than what they can get now. Another player, a sorcerer, is now saving up too.

This feels very meta and icky. Can someone point me to the RAW or tell me what they’ve done in the past?

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Out of Game Getting kind of tired of perpetual impulsiveness being presented as a character trait.


I’ve been playing in 3/5 different games a week since about October, all with people I’ve met online. For the most part everyone I’ve crossed paths with have been great players and people, and given the horror stories you read about playing with randos on the internet, I feel very lucky for this.

Nevertheless, I’ve been building up rant-pressure over one particular player-type and now I’m fit to burst. Constant impulsiveness is not a character trait! Sure, if such a player’s actions only negatively impact them I’d call it mildly annoying, but this is seldom the case. I draw the line at putting the party in inescapable danger, or shutting down important role-play moments by becoming violent. Some conversations don’t get a do-over in a module. NPCs with important information can die or become unwilling to relinquish it, and the party ends up learning bugger all and in mortal danger, and apparently “it’s what my character would do” is supposed to explain it.

No it isn’t what your character would do. It’s what you the player want to do, this second, and for some ungodly reason you’re not gonna consider it for even couple more seconds before declaring that you do it! Now, that’s what’s happening and the rest of the players have to just deal with the situation it creates. Frankly I think it bogarts the agency of your fellow players in a way that’s just disrespectful. I’m not saying that impulsiveness can’t be a character trait, just that character impulsiveness is often used to excuse player impulsiveness.

I’ve been in games with five different characters I would call impulsive at various points, and only one of those worked well. Unsurprisingly it was the one case where the character was impulsive, but the player was not. He was making calculated decisions about when it was fun/approptiate to flex his character’s impulsiveness in a very not impulsive way on the part of the player.

Just, as a player, look before you leap. Stop running off alone, stop opening random doors mid combat and rolling things into initiative that we can’t handle, stop responding to enemy NPCs opening sentences with “have at thee!!!” and running at them with a sword. Every. Fucking. Time. It may well be “what your character would do” bud, just don’t act surprised when the rest of the party intervenes to subdue, or strait up doesn’t want hang around your character, for their own safety and continued enjoyment.

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Art [ART][OC] The Crown Wars: An Elven Portrait

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Art [OC][ART] Just an Elf & Their Wolf - Tavetaan by AllieBriggsArt

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Art [OC][Art] Dice Coffin, 3D Printed Dice Holder

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DMing A friendly message to all DMs that are preparing their campaign


Stop for a while, and take a break, it is ok for you to enjoy yourself, go for a short walk and touch the grass, and enjoy the fresh air.

I'm definitely not saying this because I am procrastinating, nor do I want others DM to procrastinate with me.


A procrastinating DM

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DMing [OC] Wizards be like...

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Misc Does a bard actually have to be musical?


I prefer the idea of role playing a bard as a storyteller rather than a musician.

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Art [OC][Art] Magic Necklace, a gift or a curse?

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