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"If voting worked, they wouldn't let you do it"


Lo and behold, the USA is plagued by racist and illegal voter suppression laws and intimidation tactics to stop people from going to the polls.

You better believe voting works.

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I eat frozen dinners for every meal since I was 3. Now I'm 18.


My parents never have time to make me food so when I was little they just bought a bunch of frozen dinners and whenever I feel hungry I microwave one and ate alone. This resulted me to be overweight at 18 rn and Im now immune to disgusting food. I can actually feast on soggy flavourless chicken. I see people on youtube reviewing frozen meals and saying how disgusting it is but me I would eat that.

If you plan to be a parent one day, please make your kids good food.

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I am Ukrainian, now I am in Kyiv, if anyone has questions I will answer them


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America is scary right now.


Right and left are not able to communicate with each other in a meaningful or productive way.

The right will call the left snowflakes and libtards who don’t yet understand the world. The left will call the right backwards or fossils who need to get w the times.

Nobody is prepared to actually listen to anyone. They have made their own minds up about what is morally correct and anyone who wavers from that is a bad person.

Morality, as Americans view it, is not constant, rather it is rapidly changing and subjective. I don’t see much good for them in the future.

I write all of this with a heavy heart as many innocent people will suffer if the already faltering foundations of American society give way.

Thank you for reading.

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I’m no longer wearing a cross


I didn’t grow up in a religious household. I’m glad religion wasn’t forced upon me and I wasn’t expected to go to church or anything. However, when my dad remarried some number of years back, he had become very religious by that point. He was and still is a devout Christian, as well as my step mother. For a wedding gift sort of thing, he got me and my siblings necklaces with a cross. Honestly, very high quality and I genuinely like the necklace itself. I wore the cross on it for years as a way to always keep my dad close, however, given what’s been going on, I don’t feel I can continue to wear the cross. I wore it as a show of respect, admiration, maybe even “acceptance”, as he is very aware that I am not religious. But I cannot stand what I see happening with recent events. I don’t think it’s far fetched at all to say we are close to living in a theocracy, or even that we’re quickly approaching some kind of ‘Christofascism’, and wearing the cross (however nice a gesture it is for my dad) represents many things I am vehemently opposed to. Took it off my necklace a few minutes ago and don’t plan on ever wearing it again.

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star sign compatibility


why do ppl care bout star sign compatibility while alignment of hearts is what only matters than alignment of stars huh?

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On the fence


A week and a little into a split up of 8 years, I am just not sure how to feel.

For some context Three young kids, and we are both young too. Not married, although she begged me multiple times to get married, and would cry if friends got engaged out of jealousy.

The split up is somewhat mutual, we have both done wrong, but no matter how much I know I need to do this, I still would move the world to have her back, it's fucked. Over the years together, she has cheated, took a fraudulent loan under my name, neglected my needs, neglected our house, and so much more.

I go from, being completely ready to never see her again, to super sad about the whole thing and want her back. I know that would be a terrible decision, and in the long run it would be better for everyone. I guess I'm just looking to vent, and get some motivation to not get back with her

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I hate myself


I wish I could cease to exist. I hate everything about me. I hate that I can't remember anything. I hate that I don't fit in anywhere. I hate that I cannot be a decent person. I want to stop living. I would say it would be better for others if I did but I'm not relevant enough in anyone's life for it to matter. What's a life lived if no one remembers that it happened? I can't even remember.

I hate it all. I hate who I am. I can barely type this out.

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Do I have a mental disorder or does this happen to everyone else?


I do know I am not special but the lingering thought of me being special always comes out, I want to be special or I want to have some super intelligence who has overexceeded his limitss but these are not possible, I do also always think about after death my belief is not that high and I think I'm kinda agnostic but I always feel like I'm special is this some kind of mental disorder? I also make snarky remarks at people from my thoughts while I'm not really confident saying them out-loud..

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Some people in Europe believe that Russia should be broken into smaller countries so that it would not be dangerous for the rest of Europe, but the Russians say that it should be broken, but the United States and NATO, for Anglo-Saxon imperialism, and that Russia has nuclear weapons


I am Polish but I don't like what Russia is doing in Ukraine :-(

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How the fuck do you socialize if your depressed??


You can’t bottle feelings up but you have no one to talk to. And “opening up” for me is just crying and bitching about life and no one wants to here that. But it gets lonely when you have no one to talk to. What do people do? This sucks

Edit: why the downvote I’m just asking for help

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I went to a thrift store today and found some cute plushy dogs but i felt sad because they'll be left there abandoned until someone buys them


They were your usual animal plushie but still i felt a tug in my heart when i saw them.

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Stay away from home inkjet printers they are a scam and suck, there are much better options


Sorry, I spent like an hour making this for LPT only to get rejected by their Auto mod

(This article doesn't contain any product names or service names, it's advice on the best options for printing)

Printers suck

Home inkjet printers are evil, first of all the ink costs between $208 to $1200 per pound.

Most ink cartridges are a tiny sponge with a couple drops of ink in it.

The ink cartridges that come with a new printer are deliberately almost empty,

Many printers will mix a little blue ink in with your black ink when you're printing text to ” make it look better” if that was the reason they would mix the blue ink in the factory, real reason is so you run out of 1 color and have to throw out the other two because they're usually combined in the same cartridge.

They have microchips on them that are written with the amount of ink the printer thinks you use, it won't let you use it past that point so it could be half full and if the manufacturer says it's empty it's empty. and also prevents you from buying commodity Ink anywhere.

They know that they can keep getting away with this because most people don't use their printers all that much.

Additionally they have a complicated head that moves back and forth across the paper and print nozzles, and they're made very cheap so they can just break or not work, the software tends to be pretty bad to.

Finally for the cloud enabled printers They can lose most of their functionality as soon as the printer company decides to shut off their servers or “discontinue” support for them

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Can you tell who is male or female by their writing style?


Like when I'm reading something on here I feel like I can instantly tell if it's a boy or a girl

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my husband started showering after and never did this before and we have been married for 5 years, he's also been away for a month for a job. He is completely different and in his head more.


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I want to start a new life


I really want to drop everything and everyone in my life and start new. A life where I don't have a history with anyone. I need out of the situation I'm in.

I wish I had the strength to do it. Living in this city is melting my brain. I keep going back and forth with the same people, same scenery, same background, same thing all the time.

I just want to go away and never come back. I love my mom but even thatnwould be ok if I never saw or spoke to her again. I don't care for anyone else really. I'm extremely lonely as it is. It's not like things would change. I wouldn't feel the social pressure of having to go out.

Maybe I could chase after totally new dreams. Maybe I can find someone that I would be happy with, maybe I can be happy with myself.

I don't love me and I know leaving won't change anything though. I just feel like I need to not be here. It's not good for me. I don't sleep, I rely on drugs most days to get me through and even then I struggle. I can't manage without them at all.

I just want to disappear into the background. I want my life. I want to be me. I want to love myself but I don't see that happening as long as I am here.

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I really want to go home and cry my heart out.


Just want to cry my heart out and leave everything out there that I have bottled up today.

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I fell in love with a dream person and now I feel like shit because I'll never see him again


I know it sounds stupid but there was a person in my dream and I completely fell in love with him, but since he's a dream I'll never see him again and I feel like shit now. He was so perfect :(

there was also a song playing in the dream that was like a mix of a couple songs and it was the best song ive ever heard and I actually cried because the song was so emotional but niw I don't even remember how it went

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I need an idea for a costume.


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struggling with growing up i guess


this is just a bit of a vent, and for various reasons it feels ridiculous to discuss this w my friends or family who are either my age or a few years older. but yesterday, i turned 19. and i know 19 isnt old, and this entire post might come across as whiny and childish, but i am really struggling with growing up. it isnt a specific age, or age range i am afraid of if that even makes any sense, but i am fearing responsibility if im being totally honest. i graduated highschool at the end of 2021, which initially i was totally excited over....... but now im doing a law degree and have zero fucking clue what i ACTUALLY want to do with my life. i feel immense pressure to get my shit together, and get so nervous over the thought that i might crumble and fail that it makes me feel like i cant breathe. idk how to really put it in words, but it feels like the world is ending for some very dumb reason. and then i logically know, it is not that big of a deal and growing up comes with a degree of uncertainty for most people, but unfortunately it doesnt stop me from overthinking the future. and i am sorta surrounded by people who have it so nicely figured out, and i know deep down it is so fucking childish to compare myself to others when everyone moves at a different pace, but its just something i end up overthinking anyway. i just wish i could time travel to the future and ask 40 year old me whatever the fuck she is doing so i can just get started on it, because i am so deeply confused about everything, i get so afraid that if i sit still for too long im letting life pass me by, which is ironic because i ruin my own fucking mood thinking about shit thats not very useful for me to have a big fat cry over. i guess its more than fearing responsibility, but fearing that im gonna become stagnant since idk wtf i am doing or where tf i am heading in life. if anyone actually sees this, plz dont drag me to filth for being annoying and whiny im sorry lol, its a little cathartic to embarrass urself on the internet ngl,

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I'm so fucking alone


Retrospectively, I always have been, I think

They say socializing is a skill, I've had exactly none of it for years

Even before, I barely even knew what a social circle was, let alone what people often get up to. Not the absolutely most awkward, but generally a social alien. But I haven't had any friends at all in years. Since before the pandemic. And back then, those friends didn't really respect me, for the most part.

They say loneliness manifests real physical symptoms that kill you about as quickly as a lifetime cigarette habit or shitty diet. I'd believe it. I certainly feel that way.

At least we live in the golden age of instant distractions and AI girlfriends. And the constant daydreaming too, where even in my own mind I can't make myself really think of or feel what I want. I can't even think of a better life in peace.

Everyone around me would have been better off if I died a while ago